Dating News

Check out these interesting articles about dating and relationships:

 Ten Signs Your Partner Is Still Into Their Ex

Narcissists Want Weddings Not Marriage

Top 10 Conversation Starters

Infidelity Linked To ‘Sexual Personality’: University Of Guelph Study

♥ Violence Against Women and What Could Be Done To Prevent It From Happening

♥ Men Will Always Prefer A Big J-Lo Bottom 

Jilted Chinese Bride Saved From Dramatic Suicide

Schwarzenegger Child Mystery Remains

Can You Have a Serious Relationship with a Pro-Athlete?

Law Suit Against Match.Com – Woman Describes Alleged Incident

So What Do You Do If You’ve Missed All the Deadlines for When You’re Supposed to be Engaged, Married w/Children or at Least Have a Prospect?

How to Ask Someone Out: Get the Timing Right

How (Not) to Make Over Your Husband

Pick A Man By His Winning Culinary Style

New Stats About Going Stag In America

Five Ways Facebook Changed Dating (For the Worse)

Canadian Judge Under Review For Controversial Remarks in Date Rape Case


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