Hello, hello, hello and welcome to “Dating Do’s, Don’ts & Duh!!!” (The Dating3ds)! My name is Rasia, creator and author of The Dating3ds. I welcome all new readers, and for reader’s who have followed me previously, welcome again and thanks for your support!  I created this blog because I wanted to provide an outlet for myself and others to openly discuss dating experiences – good or bad. I also hope the blog will allow men to share their perspective about dating and their opinions about women. I want to have an open and real dialogue about dating – the do’s, don’ts & duh!!

So am I an expert in dating? No, but my experiences might help someone else either recognize some good from the situation or to avoid it all together. I will often give my opinions about dating, what should and should not be done, but this blog is in no way a guarantee of how to get a man or woman. I do not guarantee anything. All of my posts come from personal and situational occurrences, and any advice I offer is not professional. I am however, a real person sharing real events about the simplicity and complexity in dating.

“Dating Do’s, Don’ts & Duh” is an open forum. You might disagree with my views, but your comments are how dialogue begins and different perspectives evolve. Obviously because I am a woman my experiences will reflect a woman’s point of view, which is why I encourage men to comment on discussions to represent a male’s perspective. I look forward to everyone’s participation in discussions to develop guidance and structure for such a vast topic. I truly hope you enjoy “Dating Do’s, Don’ts & Duh!!” Read my posts and please leave comments…good or bad.



  1. WoW!! Thanks that help me out alot.. I experienced both senaros. I bought my boyfriend that I’ve be dating for only 5 months a gift for chistmas.He forgot to get me and his family a gift.. Actually he bought his family something at the last minute whenever I was with him…

    New years eve… He was suppose to be going to a cousin’s birthday/New years eve party with me. Whenever I tried to get in touch with him, his phone was dead. It didn’t ring at all. Also,No one was home whenever I went by his house to check on him. So, I couldn’t get in touch with him for new years.

    Since I read this post, it took away a lot of my saltiness that I had towards him. I don’t want to bring in this New Year being upset him. He is a good boyfriend so far.

    Thanks again!!!!

    1. Hey Sabiena! I’m glad my posts took the saltiness away for the holidays. Just make sure your boyfriend doesn’t forget about you or get ghost during the holidays this year. You should be just fine though. 😉 Happy New Year!!

  2. Hi there,
    I just came across your blog but I’m dealing with the issues that most women deal with , dating someone with baggage when you don’t have any of your own. It’s very frustrating but it’s comforting to know there are other women out here who are experiencing the same and I don’t feel so alone now.

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