Happy New Year!! Dating Goals in 2014

It’s a new year folks so you know what that means!  It’s that time of the year where we reflect on the past and “work on ourselves.”  Sometimes the reflection process can be negative since some of us are hard on ourselves.  So this time of year instead of setting New Years resolutions, I encourage you, to set goals.  What’s the difference?  The difference is a resolution is like a solution or settling of a problem, while a goal is the result or achievement of an effort.  I like the latter because it doesn’t start with a problem.  Goal setting comes from a place of growth and self-awareness, which is more positive than creating a resolution that develops from a perceived problem.  I mention this to say that while you reflect on the past and set goals for 2014, do not forget to set goals for your love-life.  Whether you are single or in a relationship, it is perfectly fine to set dating or relationship goals.

Some examples of setting dating goals are:

  • I will be open-minded to date out of my norm (blind-date; dating service, different race, etc.)
  • I can have a good time by myself (you do not have to be with a crowd to have a good time and mingle)

Some example of setting relationship goals are:

  • I will be patient and compromise (patience is a virtue and it is definitely necessary in a relationship)
  • I will not lose myself in my relationship (I received this advice from a family member about the importance of maintaining your identity in a relationship)

These are just a few examples for setting goals for your love-life, and while very general, it’s a start.  Set your goals to your liking.  We can all improve in the various areas of our lives, so make sure you do not neglect your love-life.  However, be realistic about setting goals for your love-life as you would when setting goals in other areas of your life.  It’s another year to live, enjoy life, and experience more dating do’s than dating don’ts & duhs!  Let 2014 be your year!


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