Holiday Dating: Don’t Be Mad You Didn’t Get a Gift

A repost from last year, but it still rings true this year! Happy Holidays!!

Dating Do's, Don'ts & Duh!!

Happy Holidays ladies and gents!!! I hope you all are enjoying this joyous time of year where love, laughter, and giving is in the air. It is a great feeling to give to those you love (and like), and see their faces light up from the gift you put thought into. What happens though when you’ve thought about someone, but they apparently did not think about you? (Uh-oh!) I see this happen all the time in dating, specifically during the newness phase. The newness phase is the one-month to six-month dating period where you are still getting to know each other, and everything is new. The problem with being in the newness phase during the holidays is people don’t understand holiday dating etiquette. So for those of you who are a little salty your interest did not buy you a gift, listen up!

  •   If you and your interest have…

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