The Dating Bubble: Are You In One??

How many of you put yourself in a little dating bubble?  If you don’t know what a dating bubble is, or if you are in one, allow me to explain.  You know you’re in a dating bubble when…

(You say)

  • “I only date older men or women”
  • “I only date men/women my age”
  • “I’m looking for a southern man/woman”

You get the point!  As you know my posts derive from personal experience or the experience of others, so this particular post is due to a recent conversation with an acquaintance.  The conversation was about attracting younger men.  The single 35 year old woman, whom I will call “Jasmine,” prefers dating men her age or older.  

However, younger men.  It was the ‘thought’ that bothered her.  “What can a young man do for me?”  “What could we possibly have in common?”  “If we have kids it will be awkward because I’ll be in my 40’s and he’ll just be in his 30’s.”  Apparently thoughts were running rapid in Jasmine’s mind, and as she said them aloud, I had deja vu.  I used to rationalize who I was going to date and why it would or would not work out, well before the date.  I put myself in a dating bubble, and Jasmine is doing the same.recently she is attracting men in the 25-29 year-old range.  While for some people this may not be an issue, I understood her concern.  I too once had an issue with dating 

Sometimes we have to stop over-thinking the dating scene and just do it.  Who knows what a 35 year-old woman and a 27 year-old man have in common, but Jasmine will never know if she doesn’t try.  And pleeeassseee ladies let’s stop marrying a man and having their children before we have the first date!!!  (We are all guilty of doing that , especially the ladies.)  What if the 27 year-old has more to offer than a 40 year-old?  I experienced this first-hand.  I too used to put myself in a dating bubble until I met the love of my life.  I always said “I only date older men.”  If you read some old posts from 2011, I mention this often.  I put myself in a bubble of dating older men because I had a couple experiences dating older men who were chivalrous and ambitious.  YAY!!  No, that’s what I thought I wanted, but I wanted so much more.  Then in one night I meet a younger man who is chivalrous, ambitious, family oriented, funny, and FOINE among other things!  What’s more interesting is that night I really stepped out my dating bubble because I approached him!!  Sometimes we have to stop saying what we don’t want and who we won’t date, and step out of our dating bubble aka the comfort zone.  Get out of the bubble and step into something new!  So “Jasmine” I hope you read this and give a 27, 35, and even a 45 year-old a chance!! #DatingDo!

      Applies in dating and other areas of life 😉        


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