Back To Business…


It is hard to believe that it is almost a year since I last posted, but alas it has really been that long!  As one would imagine, a lot has happened within a year.  I am still with the love of my life. It has been a refreshing, and sometimes challenging experience of growth in the relationship.  This is a great segue to mention an upcoming post about independent women having a seat.  Yes ladies, I have learned it is important to understand when to wear the independent woman hat, and when to take it off and give it a rest!  Also be on the look-out for an upcoming post about a specific dating topic in the African-American community.  It will be interesting!   Although I am no longer on the dating scene, of course I will still provide you with the crazy happenings that there are in dating, but from the experiences of friends, family, and you!  So please share your stories with me and other readers as a guest writer.  If you’re bashful  or not a confident writer, then I’ll be happy to share your story with credit. You can contact me at

Well this is my re-introduction of Dating Do’s, Don’ts & Duh, and a tiny snippet of what’s to come.  Although I’ve been gone for so long, I continue to get over 100 views/day and a few emails, which is a big deal for a little blogger like myself!  Thanks to those who support the blog, comment, email, and read!  Dating and relationships is a topic I’ve grown to love, and I created this format to share my experiences and to create dialogue, so again thanks for the support!


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