The D!*k Won’t Keep Her

This post is on behalf of myself and all the ladies out there dealing with men who think the d!*k will keep her. I am usually PG-13 on my posts, but I have to keep it real on this issue. Some men actually believe this misconception about women! Last week I spoke with my good friend who asked “what is it with men thinking their d!*k is so good, we’re just waiting around for their phone call?” She was rightfully frustrated with a guy she dated in the past, who apparently likes to do things on his time, and called her out the blue. You know the type; you date for a while, then he just falls off. He calls every couple of months or shoots you a text every now & then, and when he is ready (in other words horny), he calls or text “I want to see you tonight.” He assumed she has nothing going on, and she was waiting around for his call. Puh-lease!! Fellas in case you didn’t know…your d!*k won’t keep her! Trust me she is NOT waiting around for YOU! Let’s be real fellas. The same way she found you and your d!*k, is the same way she’ll find another man with good d!*k…or even better! BAM!!

This lesson does not only apply to the casual daters, but it also applies to ex-boyfriends. I have one ex-boyfriend in particular who had the nerve to text me “call me if you ever need some” after being apart for over a year. WTF?!?! In our relationship he wasn’t a douche bag, so I like to think he was drunk or had temporary insanity when he sent the text. However, I was upset that he thought sex was enough for me to come running back. Sorry boo but your d!*k didn’t keep me to begin with, so it’s definitely not making me come back for a random rendezvous. HA! I know men have huge egos, but it is laughable to think a woman is waiting on YOU! Of course with that last statement I have to acknowledge that some women will fall back for d!*k….easily! Everyone has their moment of weakness, but fellas please assess the situation and your relationship with the woman before you get a big head (pun intended). If the woman has not called, text or shown any type of interest since you two fell off or broke up, do not, I repeat, DO NOT come at her sideways with the “I want to see you tonight” line. At least bullshit her a little before you go all in! Duh!!! My intentions are not to give tips on how to play women, but don’t assume women are stupid. Trust me, if she gives into the d!*k, she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing; no tricks necessary. For all you men who do the occasional check-in, if she responds she’s keeping you around the same as you are. If she cuts you off completely, then clearly your d!*k wasn’t enough to keep her. HA! Now that’s real talk!!



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