Taking Risks In Dating…

Yesterday I posted this comment on Twitter and Facebook: If we didn’t take risks, life would be boring #thinkaboutit. I started to think about some of the risks I’ve taken in my life, both professionally and in love. The professional risks I’ve taken in my latter twenties, have so far worked for me, rather than against me. I don’t have any regrets for some of the rash decisions I’ve made in the past because I honestly would not be where I am now. I have also taken risks in love, and sometimes it’s worked against me, but now it’s working for me.

Some of us are fearful to take risks, especially in love, because we have a fear of rejection. We are afraid of being vulnerable, misunderstood, and taken advantage of. Where did all this fear come from? The fear came from our past experiences of cheating, neglect, disrespect, and the list goes on. The fear may also come from seeing friends and family go through the pain of rejection. Rejection sucks, but it is definitely not the end of the world. Some risks can be the worst decisions you’ve made, but it is definitely not the end of the world. So ladies grow some tough titties, fellas grow some balls, and take risks with love!! Stop second-guessing your decisions in love for the sake of avoiding rejection. Guess what people? Rejection is a part of life! We all have been through heartache, we have felt pain, and guess what else we have all done? We have all moved on!

I told myself I would not create resolutions this year, especially dating resolutions, so I’m calling this a goal for 2012. One of my goals for 2012 is to go out and get it! When I meet someone I enjoy and like, I am not going to deny it to myself nor him (get your mind out the gutter lol). As with everything in life, we of course have to be smart, but I am tired of holding myself back from love. Sometimes I put up walls or use defense mechanisms to avoid sharing how I really feel. I am tired of doing that! I am tired of thinking so much, rather than doing. I am inviting love into my life, and if I get rejected, then I will pick myself back up like I have done many times before. I cannot live life with fear, and I hope you all don’t either. Living with fear creates a boring and unexciting routine, but taking risks creates opportunities and change. I am all about practicing what I preach, so I’d like to share with you some of the risks or goals I have achieved thus far.

I’m single and I mingle…alone: I am so proud of myself for doing things on my own, and not allowing the availability of my girls stop me, from doing ME!

I’m single, but not for long (I am claiming it! LoL): I am taking a risk on love, and I am putting my heart on the table with someone who has shown me nothing but time and attention. This may be THE best risk I’ve taken! Only time will tell… 😉



  1. I’m a guy reading this and I agree with your words. Usually it’s thought that guys don’t get affected when a girl rejects them as much as a girl who is dismissed. It’s believed that guys are more resistant to such emotional rampage.That’s completely wrong. I have felt the sting of these things but then I think to myself that if I don’t take risks and explore, then the alternative is to do nothing and hope some girl lands in my life. That’s a sure way to be alone. Thus I pick myself up and keep trying.

    Thanks for the article 🙂

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