A Citation For Being Lame: Dating In Atlanta

First, let me explain the meaning of ‘lame’ because I’ve used the term quite often. ‘Lame’ is a man who is a cheater, liar, disrespectful, idiot, or just plain wack! (Do people still say wack?) Anyway, I recently encountered a ‘lame’ who is a cheater, liar, an idiot, and definitely wack!

About few weeks ago, an attractive police officer came to my place of employment to request information. In passing my colleague introduced us. Around the office I’m known as the “single lady,” so my colleagues try to hook me up. The officer is a good-looking man with a very nice smile, and of course the police uniform gave him a perk (there is something sexy about a man in uniform). He eventually told my colleague he would like to speak with me, and I obliged. I went to the lobby to talk to him, and before I could say hi, with his phone in hand he asked “Can I get your number?” His approach was less than attractive because he wasn’t smooth about it at all. I wasn’t really interested, just something nice to look at, but I gave him my business card and we parted ways. When I returned to my office, I told my colleague what happened, and the first words out of her mouth was, “Hold up I have to tell you about him!” Uh-oh!

Apparently Mr. Officer has FIVE kids, and a WIFE! Really? So you are a man of the law with five kids and a wife, yet you’re trying to hit on me? To make matters worse, he did not voluntarily share the information about his wife and kids. He initially lied to my colleague when she first asked him if he was married or had children (which are questions that are a part of the job), and he said NO! Not only is he a liar, but he is an idiot because as standard practice my employers retrieved his tax information. Mr. Officer’s taxes are how it was discovered he was married with five children. Who does that? Lames do that!  Although I was not interested in dating him, it was just nice to see attractive testosterone around the office, I was insulted by Mr. Officer’s actions. What if I was interested in him? Did he really think I would not find out about his wife and multiples? Furthermore, he begged my colleague not to tell me about his family situation. He is by far the most disrespectful lame I have met. He did not disrespect me because I could care less, but he disrespected his wife and kids.  As a father you should never deny your children! As far as denying the wife, unfortunately some men do that all the time. You better believe, if he didn’t want me to know about his family, he probably will not tell the next woman he pursues.  He is now aware that I know about his family situation, which is why he has not called me and he better not!!!

A former friend of mine used to keep her kids a secret from men she was interested in. Her fear was that men would not be attracted to a single mother of two. It is the ultimate lame act to deny your children for the sake of a date or rendezvous. Mr. Officer is more than lame for doing what he did, and I hope women are careful with lames like him. You would think a man with five kids and a wife does not have a lot of time to play, but who knows. He may be fooling his wife pretty good and fooling his mistress’. Ladies be careful, and don’t be fooled! Fellas be smart and at least don’t be stupid cheater…especially if the woman you are trying to fool has access to your tax information. LoL!! You deserve a citation for being lame!!



  1. I agree with you, I had the same incident last week when I ran into a guy who I was chilling/flirting with at a club. He gave me both his numbers before we left and I called of course, to my surprise the numbers didn’t work. I thought maybe he was drunk or punched the wrong numbers when he gave it to me. Oh well another one bites the dust. I was at hooters last week and who did I see come around the corner with two little boys and a women…yes him!!!! Our eyes met and you would have thought he saw a ghost; he brushed passed my table so his women wouldn’t see but I knew. I totally agree with how lame some men can be. I don’t understand how some men think and feel a comfort zone on lying about their marital or relationship status. It doesn’t make any sense onto why, especially since he is a police officer giving others a bad name, as for as your colleague I commend her for being truthful and not letting you getting so into him since he didn’t want to be honest. I guess she knows how much a positive person you are to not be caught up in his lame affairs.

    1. Wow that’s crazy!! That is so stupid that he gave you his not number, rather TWO numbers, and none of them worked. If he had a woman and kids, he definitely should not have given out any number. LAME! Your encounter, however, sounds like something that would happen to me, so it’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one with rare encounters like that lol.

      And yes my colleague is also a friend, so she knew me well enough to know I have no time for lames!! 🙂

  2. Hol’ up! Hol’ up! Hol’ up! Is that him and his brady bunch?!? Loll! Either way, yes he’s WACK! And regardless if wack is no longer the “hip” thing to say, he still falls under that category! I respect NO married man that tries to hit on any female… Then the fact that he has kids, and wanted it to be kept a secret? Naaaa!

    1. LOL no that is not an actual picture of Mr. Officer, but I could not resist when I found the pic! But just imagine that is his woman and five kids he denied. A mess! I’m with you, no respect for married men hitting on women, especially when you have five mouths to feed at home! I wish a Ni**a would!!!

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