Ride or Die Chick: NoThank You!!

No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to resist crazy shows like The Real Housewives of…(anything), Basketball Wives, and of course Love and Hip Hop. I don’t like to admit watching these shows because it’s a bunch of grown women fighting about nothing, doing nothing, or sulking about their men. It’s trash, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t entertaining. So of course I’m watching the current season of Love and Hip Hop, which the ‘Ride or Die Chick’ phrase is heavily used. I started to wonder, “What is a ride or die chick anyway?

Back in the day it was a good thing to be a ride or die chick, but in recent years I think it’s become a term for settling. For example in Love and Hip Hop Chrissy makes the statement she’s been Jim Jones’ (her boyfriend, fiancé, whatever) ride or die chick. Emily (the mother of rapper Fabolous’ child) also referenced being Fabolous’ ride or die chick. If ‘ride or die chick’ means dealing with the bull Chrissy and Emily deal with, then I’d rather not be considered one. Chrissy has been with Jim Jones for 7 years, no kids, but there is also no marriage. I’m sure she’s dealt with infidelity issues (that’s a given), he travels often (it’s a part of the business), and he’s had some trouble with the law. Chrissy went as far as proposing to Jim Jones (I expressed my disapproval for the act in the post “The Proposal: Why SHE Shouldn’t Propose“), and still a wedding date has not been set. Jim Jones has made it clear through words and actions he is not interested in marriage. If a ride or die chick has to deal with that, then No Thank You!!

Emily, the other ride or die chick, has put up with major bull from Fabolous. He has cheated behind her back and in her face. She has said he is not interested in getting married, and they have been together for a few years and have a son together. Fabolous has said disrespectful things about Emily in interviews, so I’m sure he’s said them to her face. Again, if a ride or die chick has to deal with that then No Thank You!!

It seems to me that in Chrissy and Emily’s relationships they have settled and put up with their men’s bull. That is not a ride or die chick, rather that’s a stupid chick. Chrissy and Emily have been very vocal recently about their desires for their men to marry them and build in their relationships. However, both have said their men have to make changes and grow up. Well here is my advice for Chrissy, Emily, and all women in their positions, it’s time for YOU to make changes and grow up. For years you’ve been trying to be a ride or die chick, and now it has bitten you in the ass! When you put up with bullshit, you get bullshit in return. You have no one to blame but yourself!!! I give kudos to Jim Jones, Fabolous, and men in their positions because they have been real and upfront about their feelings from the beginning. Ladies, you can’t be quiet about your feelings and desires for years, and one day be mad because your man is not who you want him to be or giving you what you want. Stop trying to change these men, and instead change the situation. If you want to get married, and he’s made it clear he does not, then keep it moving!! Especially, like Chrissy, if you don’t even have kids with this man! Chrissy said it herself that she’s made it too easy for Jim Jones, so if that’s the case, what are you bitching for?? You wanted to be the ride or die chick right?? Either make changes in your life, or shut up and continue being the ride or die chick.

In Sunday night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop, Jim Jones followed Chrissy to Miami during a girl’s getaway, where he finally proposed to her. Awww so sweet right?? Not really; Jim Jones looked uninterested and it looked like his heart wasn’t in it. The body language said it all, “I don’t really want to do this, but if this will shut you up, then here’s a ring.” I wouldn’t want the ring if the body language said you don’t want to marry me. Some might say he was nervous, but I say he looked like he had a gun to his head. It seemed so awkward, but then again, its TV. I am happy for their engagement, but I would be interested to see they set a wedding date. It is also interesting that because of the ring, Chrissy apparently forgot about the other issues she had with Jim Jones. I guess diamonds will do that. Anyway, back in the day I used to pride myself on being a ride or die chick, but now I pride myself on being ME! I am a woman who wants love, marriage, and kids, and if a man makes it clear he does not want that, then he needs to find a ride or die chick who will settle for anything. No Thank You!!!

If you don’t watch Love and Hip Hop, then take a look:


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