A Texting Man Gets No Love!!

I recently had a very heated discussion with a guy whom I was “dating.” (I use quotation marks because there wasn’t a lot of dating going on.) The discussion was about his lack of phone calls and interest. Usually I do not entertain such conversation merely because if a guy does not show interest, I do not bother. However, the guy I “dated” was upset because I stopped responding to his text messages. And why did I stop responding?? Since the day we met, besides three brief phone calls, he always texts me. When I initiated phone calls, I often got his voicemail, and thereafter he would send me a text message. What the hell?!? Maybe he had a wife or a girlfriend he was trying to hide. When I asked he adamantly said no to either situation. So why all the text messages? His excuse was “Maybe I don’t know what to say to you. Maybe you make me nervous.” My response to that was – “BULLSHIT!” If you are a grown man, and you are too nervous to call me, especially after I gave you the digits, then you need to grow some balls!

What happened to the days where you could have a nice conversation with a man you’re dating? The conversations on the phone used to be a form of courtship, but now it’s all mis-spelled and abbreviated words via text message. Three men text me every morning, lunch-time, and in the evening. Two of them live in the same city as me, which one I saw almost six months ago, and the other was about a month ago. The funny thing is the other guy lives in another state, but he calls me more than the two who live in a 30 mile radius from me. I don’t get it! If we live in the same city and you say you are interested, why not show interest. Clearly you are not interested or have a situation or there would be an effort to court me the proper way. I’m not saying a man has to spend hours on the phone with me, but phone conversations are a way for us to get acquainted. Of course we could wait until the date to talk, but damnit the lames I dealt with don’t even ask me out!!! Besides, you need to know you can talk to the person. Instead, now guys send lame-ass text messages such as:

“Good morning beautiful. I hope u have a good day.”
“Hey beautiful. I’m thinking about you.”
“What’s good with u sexy?”
“Just want to tell u gn beautiful.”

Dudes really think these sorry text messages from time to time work?? Well maybe they work for other women, but it does not work for me! These men think text messages will keep me interested for when he is willing to spend time with me. Apparently the guy I was “dating” did not like me ignoring his text messages, but I didn’t like his approach, so I figure we’re even. Furthermore, he had the nerve to tell me I was “trippin” and I’m acting this way because someone hurt me in the past and I’m taking it out on him. Whaaaaaat??? Text messages are impersonal, and it is ridiculous to think you can court a woman via text message. How will you truly get to know me? How can we really see if there is a connection? Communication is key, so if we barely talk, why bother? I don’t have a problem receiving a text message here and there, but when you attempt to hold deep conversations with me via text message, you will be denied!! So ladies if you are tired of the random text messages and the lack of effort, respond to the texts with “Call me when you’re ready to talk.” From now on I tell guys upfront I do not like texting as the sole form of communication. If you want my attention, CALL ME!!!!
(Ladies we know this is what men who text all the time really think)



  1. Many people today seem to be all caught-up in living “The Appliance Life”. They turn their computer or cellphone on whenever it is convenient for them, and just as quickly switch it OFF when there seems to be a “Bigger, BETTER Deal” at hand.

    REAL people don’t want to be objectified or treated like toys in a closet!

    I suspect that a LOT of people actually like the fantasy life offered-up by Facebook, Twitter & the like for exactly this reason… REAL relationships & real people can’t be ‘switched-OFF’ on a whim.

    In your original post you spoke of some folks needing to “grow some balls”, and that would include working up the COURAGE to deal with REAL people in real time, Face-To-FACE, and on their own terms.

    Brief sentiments like text messages DO have their place, but ONLY as an aside. If the sender spends 100% of their time just sending silly little texts, then they are living in a fantasy world AND ABUSING their so-called ‘friend’.

    Conversely, if a REAL COUPLE spends 95% of their time doing things together IN PERSON & sharing life together, then the occasional “Miss You” text (reserved for those moments when you CANNOT be together!) takes on special meaning.

    Only time will tell if the “Me, ME & ONLY ME!” generation can or will ever learn this valuable lesson.


    1. Brad I love your passion! I agree with everything you said. I think the occasional sweet text is nice every now and then, but sometimes it can be too much. Talking on the phone or face-to-face is the best way to express yourself. Text messages are about convenience, and I prefer to be a priority. It would be okay if people knew how to balance the two, but most people take the easy route.

  2. LOL @ the “lames”! Too funny. Boondocks called texting “N-word Technology”. I agree with you cousin. Extreme texting or exclusive texting seems to go hand in hand with creeping! Which us NOT cool if you want a real relationship. And you are right, the “good morning beautiful” and “hey sexy” texts are so passe as to be laughable! (is there some kind of easy text app out there that the lames are buying so they can send that drivel to all their chicks?)
    great post!

    Louvre your

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