Feeling SHORTchanged…

Fellas I beg you do not take offense to what I am about to say. Please keep in mind this is all about my preference. With that being said, “Leh go!”

The past few weekends is honestly the most I have been out in a long time, and every time I’ve gone out I felt SHORTchanged. What do I mean? I mean that in every club, restaurant, bar, whatever, or wherever I’ve gone there have been a slew of men 5’5 and under. Is it the water, the food, the lack of vitamins? Where did the tall men go? You’re probably thinking, “If you don’t like short men, don’t bother with them.” Simple right? It would be so simple except it seems the tall men are hiding, or maybe I just don’t know where to go to find them. I went to a popular club in Atlanta, The Velvet Room, and I was so uncomfortable. As my homegirl and I danced in the middle of the dance floor, about five men who were no taller than 5’5, came at us from every direction. It was the attack of the little men. LoL! I know I’m wrong for saying that, but lately I realized how much of a problem it is for me. I don’t mean to disrespect short men because I have short male friends whom I love to death and they are GOOD men, but they are not my preference. Seriously am I the only woman who has noticed the change in men??

Speaking of my friends who are good men, some might say I am SHORTchanging myself from finding a good man because I am ‘picky.’ That’s bull! Would you date a man or woman you were not physically attracted to? It’d be nice if it were all about personality and character, but guess what, it’s not! I recently met someone who is a little on the short side and I’d be lying to myself if I said his height did not bother me. I’d also be lying if I said so far from what he has shown me, he is a good guy in the sense that he has a nice personality and a plausible character. However, I know what I am attracted to and I am simply not attracted to men shorter than me. I am 5’5 myself, but I am a heels type of woman. Anyone who knows me, knows that I wear heels pretty much all the time. Therefore, it is difficult for me to wear my heels comfortably (especially my stilettos) with a man whom I would tower over. It bothers me! It is all about preference people. In Hollywood it’s cute for a short man to date a tall woman. I don’t live in Hollywood! I live in Atlanta, GA and I like my men tall with a little meat on their bones (not too much meat)! I may have had this preference all along but did not realize it. I guess it’s a part of the dating life. I am learning what I do and do not like in men. Call me ‘picky’ or whatever else, but I am being honest with myself. Dating allows you to grow and learn about yourself in regards to finding a mate, and that’s what I am doing. Don’t judge me LoL! It doesn’t bother me that there are some tall men who do not prefer to date short women. They like their women tall too, and I can’t be mad at that. It’s all about preference (I should make this my tag line LoL).

I hope the shorter fellas out there don’t take offense, but (here comes the tag line again) it’s all about preference! Sooo ladies in Atlanta, where do the tall men hang?? Help a sista out! LoL!!

*It’s all about preference!*


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