Dating in Atlanta – Thirstiness At Its Best!

*A little fun for your Monday* 🙂

Since I’ve been back in the South I have noticed an occurring trend when I go to Walmart for my weekly grocery shopping, and frankly it’s starting to annoy me. I’m sure we’ve all gotten those “People of Walmart” emails where we laugh at the people and their crazy wardrobes. Well guess what folks? IT’S REAL! I previously wrote a post about women being thirsty, but this post is an extension of those points made. I understand that some Walmart stores in the South are deemed the after-hours hang-out spot or the place for ‘Parking Lot Pimpin.’ (Correct me if I’m wrong.) What I don’t understand are those who go to Walmart dressed to impress at 1:00 in the afternoon. The revealing and/or extravagant attire primarily refers to women, however men are not to be left out of the ‘Walmart-thirsty madness.’ (Yeah I created that term.) Men are guilty of roaming the aisles of Walmart pretending to shop, or they intend to shop, but act distracted when they see an attractive woman. Allow me to explain exactly what I am talking about when I refer to ‘Walmart-thirsty madness.’

*Ladies, ladies, ladies (SMH!) if you are wearing any sequin on your shirt, skirt, dress, shoes, or anywhere for that matter at 12:00PM, YOU LOOK THIRSTY!!

*Ladies if you wear tights or leggings with a short shirt, butt exposed, and six-inch heels PUSHING A CART, YOU LOOK THIRSTY!!

*Ladies if you look like you’re having trouble, i.e. cannot walk, in those six-inch heels while pushing that cart, YOU LOOK THIRSTY!!

On to the fellas…

*Fellas if you have ever done the following, YOU LOOK THIRSTY!!
In the Makeup Aisle
Thirsty Man: “Excuse me, I’m trying to buy nail polish for my little sister…what color do you like?”
Me: “I don’t know, red.”
Thirsty Man: Red? So you got red on them toes?
Me: I walked away
Thirsty Man: “I was just trying to make conversation. You ain’t gotta be like that.”
Fellas you don’t have to create scenarios to approach a woman. A woman will appreciate a simple “hello how are you?” as opposed to the helpless man approach. Fellas you know what I’m talking about *side eye*

*Fellas if you are in Walmart shopping with your woman, and leave her to roam the store and flirt with other women, you not only look THIRSTY, but you look PATHETIC! (The sad part is the girlfriend doesn’t have a clue.)

*Fellas if you have been walking around Walmart for over an hour, without a cart, or carrying any items, and only stop in aisles with attractive women you not only appear THIRSTY and WEIRD, but I might think you’re casing the joint!

Walmart is a place for shopping ladies and gentleman, not scouting. Especially to my ladies, it’s a little more obvious what your goal is when you wear club outfits to Walmart. Don’t get me wrong I understand sometimes a run to Walmart is necessary before hitting the town, maybe to pick up some wine, soft drinks, or some other miscellaneous items. I am particularly talking about the ladies who wear stilettos and sequin short dresses to Walmart at 2:00pm pushing a cart and doing some serious grocery shopping. YOU LOOK THIRSTY! Keep in mind that you will attract a certain type of man, and the same goes for the men who go to Walmart to scout women. A woman with substance probably will not give you the time of day if you appear too thirsty and scouting women, in Walmart of all places.

The ratio in Atlanta between men and women is drastically skewed, so this ‘Walmart-thirsty madness’ is the tip of the iceberg regarding the thirst level in Atlanta. Dating in Atlanta is interesting because it is clear the women are on the prowl, and apparently everywhere. Initially I thought it was just me, but whenever friends or family visit, they too notice the thirstiness. It is ridiculous! I have no idea if it is the men to women ratio or another theory to the problem, but almost every time I go grocery shopping, or anywhere for that matter I see these thirsty men and women. Usually I go to Walmart on the weekend during the day, so I can only imagine what it’s like during the evening, or if it’s a 24 hour Walmart. GAWD!! LoL!



  1. that’s funny cuz when I visited atl for the 1st time I went to Wal-Mart with my cousin who had recently moved there and I pointed out this same thing…calling it club Wally , for me I was amazed at the possibilities with no cover charge.

    1. LOL “the possibilities with no cover charge” is absolutely right! For men I guess it’s a great thing, but look at it long enough and after awhile it’s just ridiculous lol.

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