Dating Dry Spell: Time to Re-Up

Since my move to Atlanta my time for socializing has been limited, and believe me it’s not by choice. I work a full-time job during the day, and after work I attend classes. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work, so needless to say the pressure is on! The days are long and the weekends are way too short, but I maintain a schedule. Within that schedule, however, I haven’t had time to mingle like I thought. I’m in a dating dry spell. My dating life consists of… *CRICKETS*. I’m not bitter or mad in the least though. Life happens and schedules change, so I have a few suggestions for those who, like myself, are carrying a full load.

1) Organize Mingle Time

Scheduling time for yourself includes scheduling mingle time. Try your best to plan ahead for the coming weekend and make plans that will allow you to get out and about. The more you get out, the better your chances are of meeting someone. You don’t have to be on the hunt for a date, rather the ‘re-up’ of your dating life will happen naturally as you make yourself available.

2) Organize Courting Time

So you’ve organized mingle time, and your dating life is progressing with a prospect…now what?? There’s no point in making yourself available for a day and meeting someone, then having little time to actually date him/her. The stages of dating are always the same – you meet, you talk on the phone, you go out, and repeat. Now you have to make time to actually have conversations with the new person you met to get to know him/her. People who are usually busy resort to text messaging, and I don’t have a problem with that except it should not become habit. It’s okay to send the occasional “How’s your day going” text, however it’s not okay to hold long, in-depth conversations via text message. Schedule time to talk to your new interest and schedule time to see your new interest. Both are equally important in dating.

This last suggestion is extremely important, so pay attention!

3) Organize Mingle time and Courting time, but Do Not Lose Sight of YOUR Goals!!!

The first two suggestions are important in revamping a dating dry spell for the busy woman or man, but this last suggestion is most important for YOU. Don’t pay attention to those around you who motivate you to focus on finding your husband or wife, rather than your work or school. The Huffington Post Women recently did a story, Gen X Women Succeed at Work, Have Fewer Kids: Study, specifically about generation X women who are focusing more on work and success and having fewer children and fewer successful relationships. BULLSHIT!! Don’t believe the hype ladies!!! I absolutely believe it’s possible to be successful and find love. The tricky part is about balancing, which solely depends on the person. The point is, it’s essential to organize mingle and courting time, but don’t lose sight of your goals! Ambition should not die because love develops!

I’ll admit in my personal life I’m still trying to organize the first two steps, but I’ve got the last one down! However, next weekend will be the first weekend since my move to Atlanta, that I’ll have time to organize time (if that makes any sense lol). So starting next weekend I will organize mingle time, which I hope will lead to organizing courting time. Also, the Dating Experiment has not been forgotten, so I’ll be sure to keep the experiment in mind while mingling.

Let me know what you guys think about the Gen X Women study…fact or fiction?


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