The Gold Tooth: Dating Experiment Update

This past Sunday (August 28) was my birthday. Happy Birthday to Me!! My friend, who also has a birthday on the 28th, invited me to her birthday celebration at a club here in Atlanta. I prefer lounges over clubs, but I decided to go and have a good time. Since I’m participating in the Dating Experiment, I went to the club with the intent to pay close attention to ‘young’ men. I’ve been told I’m naturally attracted to older men, so I wanted to be mindful of the type of men I was attracted to. I was sort of testing myself and making an effort to try something new.

As I analyzed a few men to determine if they were young or not, I noticed a guy periodically glancing at me. I ignored his glances a few times. After a while the guy and I would have eye contact. He was tall, attractive, and appeared to be laid back. I guess the power of ‘trying something new’ came over me because I found myself walking in his direction. Where was I going, what was I going to say? It was like my legs were doing the walking, but my brain hadn’t yet processed the thought behind the action. I made it to where he stood, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Why are you standing here alone?” Ugghh how much more corny could I be??? It was a horrible opening, but I was glad I said something because I would have looked stupid to walk all that way and get flustered. So the worst part was over, right?? Well the tall and attractive man looked at me and said “I’ve been waiting on you to keep me company.” At that moment my blood rose, my stomach fell, and my eyes were blinded! No I wasn’t in love, but I was blinded by his GOLD TOOTH!!! As he asked me a follow-up question, I thought to myself, “How do I get out of this?” What can I say without being rude, especially since I was the one who approached him! RETREAT, RETREAT!! Luckily I had enough tact to ease my way out of this mess. I continued to talk with him for a bit, then I politely said I had to use the restroom and I wished him a good evening. Whew that was close!

So this is what I get for stepping out of my comfort zone and ‘trying something new.’ I don’t regret it, but I thought it was funny the way it happened. What are the odds that the first ‘young’ man I approach has a gold tooth. I have nothing against men with gold teeth, except that I am NOT attracted to men with gold teeth PERIOD! Within the short time he and I spoke, I kept looking at the tooth. I was trying not to be obvious, but I couldn’t help it. He eventually found me later in the evening, and tried to spark a conversation. By then I had enough, and I didn’t want to deal with the tooth anymore! I kindly told him I had to join my party and walked away. I wanted to be honest with him and tell him I wasn’t interested, but if he asked me why, the truth may have come out. “I’m sorry, but I don’t like THE TOOTH!” To avoid the truth, I just avoided him. So this is my lesson: the next time I decide to experiment and ‘try something new’ I’ll make sure the guy smiles first!


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