Aye Shawty!! Dating In The ‘A’

Did ya miss me?!? Some of you probably didn’t realize I was gone, but I have a good explanation for those who asked about a new post. Although I’m a born bred New Yorker, the South has sucked me in once again! Last week I concluded my life in New York. As of Saturday I relocated from New York back to Atlanta, GA. I say “back to” because I previously lived in Atlanta for five years, but my dating experience was limited. I was in two serious relationships within the five years I resided in Atlanta, which they both lasted about two to two and half years. Basically I was single for a small period of time, which really didn’t consist of dating; I did more partying than anything else. So this time I really want to test the waters of the dating scene in Atlanta.

I want to try different things, take advantage of new opportunities, and meet new people. I want to do speeding dating, blind dating, and just dating period! Of course I will use Dating Do’s, Don’ts & Duh!! to chronicle my dating experiences, good or bad, which I hope you join me in my journey. I’ve already noticed the abundance of handsome men at the local grocery store, and a few of them said “Aye Shawty!” My prospects are promising already!! (lol) Before some Atlanta men get upset with me for teasing – you know what it is! Yeah this journey will definitely be interesting. Stay tuned…


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