Duece Duece Gives His 2 Cents 6/24

Happy Friday!! If you haven’t checked out this week’s post “I’ve Been Had, Hoodwinked, Bamboozled,” you have to see what all the talk is about. And everyone is talking!! Check out Duece Duece’s video comment on the post.

*There was a misquote by Duece Duece in the video that I’d like to clear up. I describe “Marc’s” attire to display my attraction to him, not because I thought he was wealthy. I did not associate his wardrobe with money. I just want to be clear 🙂



  1. You summed up exactly what I got and you responded exactly how I felt. You also touched your first dates which is exactly what I expect because as the guy determines if I am worthy of his money. I am determining if he is worthy of my time. I would have gone to the gallery and called it a night.

    1. Exactly it goes both ways neither parties should feel like there either entitled or doing a favor just by going out with a person…time is money, its not really a matter of $ per se or me being cheap or not both should really be judging an interest level that I personally screen with phone calls 1st then if passed will ask a lady on 1st date in which I chose things that promote interaction and conversation..I’m not a dinner n a movie type guy for the 1st couple of dates cuz ur not supposed to talk during movies and I go to work when around food

  2. No you DID NOT splice the “you’re a fake” scene from I’m Gonna Git You Sucka…. Hilarious!!!!

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