Duece Duece Give His 2 Cents 6/10

It’s Friday!!! Duece Duece is back with his video commentary on this weeks posts “Men Think Before You Look” and “Updating Your Dating Pool.” In his comedic, yet authentic way, Duece Duece represents for the fellas and gives good pointers for the ladies too! Check it out…



  1. YES SIRRRR….although there really is only one rule whether its arms length or on the next block….. Dont GET CAUGHT !!!!….. And dont start stuttering or let you bottom lip fall…. come on fellas look without looking like your looking…. and if you know your going to a fuction where Booty will be plentiful, Just wear SUNGLASSES !!!! LMAO YUP

    1. YES!!! Finally a man that gets it!! “Look without looking like your looking” and “Don’t Get Caught” is sound advice. That’s all I was saying. I know men look, but don’t make it so obvious. But sunglasses without the sun may be too obvious LoL.

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