Men Think Before You Look…

Respect is key in any relationship, and without respect lies a dead relationship. So when I was at the car wash the other day and saw a man blatantly disrespect his woman, I knew where their relationship stood. The man didn’t call his woman an obscene name, he didn’t use violence towards her, and as a matter of fact, he didn’t even look in her direction. He did, however, break his damn neck to look at my ASS! Yes he did!! The sad part is I knew it was coming. As I walked in their direction, I knew he was no good from the way he gawked at me while his woman stood beside him. My thoughts were exactly right when my peripheral vision caught him looking at my backside. Although I was the woman being gawked at, I was far less than flattered. I was disgusted! In general I am disgusted by men who go overboard to look at a female’s ass. What is it men!?!? What is it about a woman’s ass that drives you crazy?? At one point I thought it was just the big ass, but nope it’s all ass. Men will even look at a flat behind, which may be by default, but either way he’s looking. What is it men!?!? Let’s make a deal. Help me understand why you’re hypnotized by the ass, and I’ll help you understand a few things about women.

* When is it inappropriate to look at another woman’s behind?

Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT look at another woman’s behind if your mate (date, girlfriend, wife) is in the same building, house, backyard, beach, parking lot, driveway, park, etc. You get my drift?? I don’t care if your mate is not paying attention to your or if she is in another room, don’t take the chance. For the period of time you are with your mate, just keep your eyes on her butt. If you’re asking “what’s the big deal,” then you REALLY don’t get women. When you look at another woman’s ass, you’re taking the attention off your mate, which is not a good thing. Your mate wants to feel wanted, appreciated, and desired. For the second it takes you to look at another woman, is a second you’ve lost with you mate. Furthermore, if you drastically peek at another woman, you may lose more than a second with your mate. You may lose her forever. If I were the girlfriend with the man at the car wash, who broke his neck to look at another woman, I’d probably leave his ass! It’s a “probably” because it depends on if I have a ride home or not, but once I’m home, I’m out!!! 🙂 I’m joking about it, but in all seriousness it’s a sign of disrespect toward your mate, so don’t do it!

*When is it appropriate to look at another woman’s behind?

It is only appropriate to look at another woman’s behind when your mate is not around at all! What do I mean by “at all?” I mean she is not in the same space or vicinity as you…at all! Of course there is a method to my madness, so listen up carefully. Although your mate is not around at all, you should still show respect by being as discreet as possible. Don’t do a complete 180 degree turn to look at a woman’s ass. Absolutely do not almost crash your car to look at a woman’s ass. Be discreet if you unequivocally, without a doubt, can’t help yourself from looking at a woman’s behind!! The only other appropriate time to look at another woman’s butt is when the butt is just too damn big. I’ll admit that I’ve pointed some butts out to my mate because honestly the butts were just fascinating! When your woman points the butt out to you, then it’s okay to look.

So fellas there you have it, the Do’s and Don’ts to looking at ass! Why is this even a subject!?!? Obviously some men don’t understand the level of disrespect the act involves. I’ve been the one gawked at, and I’ve also caught my date gawking at other women; it’s not a pleasant feeling either way. Imagine if women broke their necks to look at other men while in the presence of their mate. Men would be livid! Be tactful, discreet, and make your woman feel like her butt is the only butt you can’t resist! 😉



  1. I will admit I understand where u are coming from and it can be disrespectful but I can look without lusting appreciate the anatomy of another women but not want to do nothing with her
    Jus because I look doesn’t mean I’m “sorry” lol

    Its only disrespectful if ur women feels that way about it and every women doesn’t feel that way
    The lady I am wit will know I’m not wit her for her ass or tits but because she has substance integrity and brings out my best qualities

    Me looking at a ass is jus surface level shit
    Flawless facial features and bad bodys are nice but my women will now that if I’m looking at that its jus that looking
    And if she wana look at a dude who has a little more muscles then me by all means go ahead I won’t feel disrespected because I know I can’t be every single solitary thing she wants in a man, maybe to tall to slim to dark or any other surface level garbage we get caught into as humans
    Jus human nature
    But at the end of the day she knows I’m everything she needs

    Trade class for a phat ass
    Not even probably lol lol

    If u think its disrespectful to u as a women be sure ur mate agrees cause in all honesty its harmless mainly nature

    Know 50 yr old men who been married 2 their wives for 18 yrs
    Never cheated by they still look
    Tells me he’s married not dead lol
    Self control
    Look but don’t touch
    See but don’t lust
    And if u ever lust by no means do u f*ck lol

    1. I want to be clear that in no way did I say men looking is associated to men cheating. Some of your comments touched on that, so I want to clarify any miscommunication. Also, I understand that because a man looks, doesn’t mean he lusts…some do lust, but not all ‘looks’ are lustful. Whether or not it’s human nature or “male nature” is debatable, however for the purposes of this post, it is disrespectful to look while in the presence of your mate. With that being said, I understand ALL women may not be opposed to the ‘look,’ however I’d like to find a woman that would not mind her mate gawking at another woman’s behind as she stood by his side. Of course men can be subtle in their ‘look,’ but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in the eyes of a woman.
      Yeah looking at the butt may be “surface level shit,” but the point is you look. If it’s something that is so superficial, then why even bother looking? Men look for whatever personal reasons, but all I’m saying is, show your woman a little respect. I’m not saying men are more susceptible to cheat if they look, but it just doesn’t LOOK good. (pun intended :)) Also, women know when they’re being gawked at and they know when you’re with your girl AND looking…it just makes you and your girl look silly. Is the ‘look’ worth the disrespect? Not really…

  2. Looking at a woman’s butt is a (not “THE”) natural thing for men to do. I’ve been looking at the immaculate (not all were) rear bottom of the female species since I was 11 years old. I don’t look as much as I used, I do here and there. I don’t know what it is about a woman’s butt that makes us go crazy, but it does. Maybe its the plumpness when its grip in the cowgirl position, or the bounce when each step is taken when she passes. I don’t know what it is, but it just does. I totally agree that there is a time and place for everything. Im not the type to look at another woman’s ass when I am with my Wife. That’s just wrong. Plus my Wife has two Christmas hams back there any way so I HONESTLY don’t have to look.

    1. Haha I love it –> “Plus my Wife has two Christmas hams back there any way so I HONESTLY don’t have to look.”

      I totally agree and I understand that to a man there is an unexplainable attraction to a woman’s butt. As you said there is a time and place for everything, and that’s exactly what my point was. It’s unrealistic to think a man in a relationship won’t look at all, but he at least shouldn’t do it while he’s with his woman.
      Also some men don’t realize that just because your woman may not see you look, someone else might have. I’ll never forget when I caught my friend’s husband looking at our mutual friend’s butt, it was not his most favorable moment in my eyes. I doubt his wife saw the long peek (and it was long), but I saw it! Men just shouldn’t take the risk while with their mate…

  3. Well I don’t know cause I live in Atl and a appropiate date wit ur mate down here is going to onxy or magic city (strip clubs)

    So if that’s appropiate 2 females and not disrespectful surely looking at some cheeks shouldn’t be lol lol

    I understand all that u say and it makes perfect logical sense but in the end I jus think its something that shouldn’t be taking so serious

    Girls see me checking them out all the time but they don’t know wat I’m checking them for, could be tryna figure out why she has on drag queen eye lashes that look like mini blinds why she has on a pound of weave and makeup or why she jus going so hard 2 be beatiful and flawless when her flawes are wat made her gorgeous.
    Sometimes I’m thinking wat the hell she got on?
    I tell females this all the time and I feel no way about it
    “Just cause u look good don’t mean u my type”

    But in a nut shell if looking is disrespectful when u wit ur mate I don’t know 2 many respectful dudes lol lol

    Sad but true lol

  4. I want everyone to be clear about men… and understand that men are biologically predisposed to certain things. Before I start, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that what separates human beings from animals is their ability to control their actions. Having said that… YOU CAN NOT DIVORCE A HUMAN BEING FROM THEIR BIOLOGY. A man looking at a woman is a natural biological response to him seeing what his biology tells him is potentially a fertile… suitable mate. PERIOD. Can he choose not to look?… of course… but looking at a woman’s behind or other physical features is not a sign of disrespect… no more than it would be for a bull…. and no more than it would be if this man and his mate were in a museum a he was admiring the physical features of a woman in a painting or sculpture. I would hope that a woman would not become jealous of a statue or painting. I think the real issue here is perception. The feeling of being disrespected is about perception. Under the same scenario, if this man’s woman would have brought attention to you and your attractiveness… then his “gawking” would have merely been a confirmation of his woman’s observations… no disrespect. A woman doesn’t own her mate…. or vice versa… it is quite the contrary… he/she CHOOSES THEIR MATE… EACH AND EVERYDAY. And based on that she should come to the realization that she is not the only attractive woman on the planet…. and her mate (in most case has eyes… and can see them)… and still CHOOSE HER…. EVERYDAY!



    1. WOW I love the feedback!!

      Here’s my response to the latest comments…

      I understand that it may be natural, biological or whatever, for men to look at a woman’s butt. I wrote the post for the men I dated, who were far less than tactful in looking at a woman’s behind. Some men don’t know how to be discreet at all, and so my advice for them was to not look at all. (I apologize if this was unclear.) There is a difference between a man taking a peek, and a man stretching his neck in the opposite direction to look at a woman’s butt while in the presence of his mate. That’s my point! Yes it may be unrealistic for a man to avoid the booty completely, but it becomes disrespectful to your woman when you take DRASTIC measures to look.

      I like to think I am a reasonable woman when it comes to what gets my blood boiling and what does not. My mate peeking at other women is insignificant to me. However, if he broke his neck to look, I’d have something to say about it. I am a confident woman, so his ‘looking’ wouldn’t make me feel less attractive, but depending on HOW he looked at other women, I’d feel disrespected. Another reader mentioned, “there is a time and place for everything,” and I couldn’t agree more!

      In his video commentary, Duece Duece said it’s a set up for men, if a woman points out the booty. I totally disagree, but I can only speak for myself. For me it is NOT a setup. In this day and age of butt injections and obesity, I may point out the unbelievable and astronomically big behinds to my mate. For me it’s far from a setup, and merely an observation.

      It all boils down to this: What is considered disrespectful to a woman, depends on the woman, so fellas know your woman.

  5. I’d like to find a woman that would not mind her mate gawking at another woman’s behind as she stood by his side. Of course men can be subtle in their ‘look,’ but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in the eyes of a woman. all men do this all men, if women dont like it then the human species is done

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