Dating A Salesman: All Talk, No Action

There is nothing more annoying than dating a salesman!! I’m not talking about the profession. I’m talking about the men who talk so much about what they can give you, show you, and do to you. These are the men who choose to sell you their image and personality, rather than show you. Salesmen are men who talk a good game, but have nothing and do nothing to prove it. A salesman will sell themself as a Maserati, but in reality he’s more like a Honda. At one time or another in my dating life, I have come across at least three different types of salesmen. The emotional salesman, the wealthy salesman, and the sex salesman. Fellas if this is your ‘game’ in getting a woman, please take note. Ladies if you often get sucked in by the salesman, also take note.

The Emotional Salesman: It is common knowledge that women are emotional creatures, so this salesman tries to pull at the woman’s heartstrings. He promises to be there for her whenever she needs him. He says he likes to talk and he’s a good listener. The emotional salesman says his ex-girlfriend didn’t understand how he felt. He may even mention a movie that made him cry. He says things like “I want to hold you, just hold you.” Also, he’ll probably talk you to death about how much he wants to be a devoted husband and father one day. “I have so much love to give.”

The Wealthy Salesman: This salesman likes to talk about what he’ll buy you…if you were his girl. “If you were my girl, I’d spoil you.” He will ask if you travel or if you have a passport. The wealthy salesman really hits the jackpot when he encounters a woman who hasn’t traveled abroad.”If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go? I’d take you there…if you were my girl.” He also mentions how he does everything ‘big.’ “I like to do it big when I take my girl out. We got to do it big, or we can’t do it all!”

The Sex Salesman: OMG! Of all the salesmen, this one is the worst! The sex salesman basically sells how good he is in bed. He talks about how he’d do this to you, and that to you. He says he’ll make you moan and scream. A sex salesman with a lot of nerve might even say, “I’ll make you call me Daddy.” Oh yes, these salesmen are a trip! Stories about past rendevous’ are common. “I had this one girl climbing up the walls.” Ha! My favorite line is “I’m gonna put it on you girl!”

Salesmen try their hardest to sell their identity, and they’re doing more harm than good. Let be clear. I am not saying there aren’t sincere emotional men, romantic wealthy men, or men that talk dirty. What I am saying is that a sincere man doesn’t have to boast about what he does, he just does it. I’m sure there are plenty of women who fall for the B.S. The key phrase women should pay attention to is “If you were my girl…” If a salesman says that line, than everything he says is NOT going to happen. First of all you are not his girl, which means his incentives or perks do not apply to you. If you eventually become his girl, chances are he won’t do half of the things he said he would do. He sells himself, you buy it, then he reneges on the deal. (Especially the sex salesman!) It’s the age-old game.

Fellas if you’re looking for a woman with substance, don’t try to sell yourself. A woman with substance and experience will not be sold on your words alone. The most she will get from your pitch, is a good laugh!



  1. I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one today..

  2. Oh the ‘if you were my girl’ any time I hear this come out of a guys mouth I actually cringe, it’s actually very arrogant and an instance turn off. Thank you for your blog clarifies a lot of ‘things’ I don’t have time for anymore 😉

  3. You’ve hit the nail on the head, with this article. They ARE all talk no action. I realized how I’ve gotten tricked into a false sense of security. “I’ll look after you”, really means “I’m gonna fuck you up”. “I love you”, really means “You’re my next victim”. Does he really think I’m naive enough to let him lure me in? He clearly does.

    1. Hey Sarah! Yes we’ve all been there. The good thing is that we are not naive enough to fall for it. There are good men out there, but the salesman can keep it moving!! Thanks for your comment!!

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