Schwarzenegger: The Bad, The Stupid & The Ugly

I contemplated for a while about writing this post. Initially I thought it were a bad idea because everyone was talking about it, and I often like to bring the ‘not so obvious’ to light. Then, the more I heard the details of the story, I became annoyed and I HAD to talk about it. So let me give some background first , then I’ll give my opinion on the matter. CBS Evening News reported Arnold Schwarzenegger had a long-term affair with a staffer hired by him and his wife, Maria Shriver. The affair with the staffer resulted in a pregnancy of his now fourteen year-old son, whom Schwarzenegger has supported financially and emotionally. It’s reported that the mistress of California’s former governor, Mildred ‘Patty’ Baena, worked for the couple for twenty years. Baena continued to work in the Schwarzenegger and Shriver home while she was pregnant and after giving birth to Schwarzenegger’s son. The scandal was kept a secret for years before Schwarzenegger revealed the truth to his wife in January, shortly after completing his final term in office as governor. The devastated and humiliated Shriver moved out their home in January, and the couple has been separated since. The story of the “love-child” has now come out due to Schwarzenegger and Shriver’s recent publicity about the dissolution of their marriage. And here we are now…

Hmmm, where should I begin?? Instead of starting with the bad and the stupid, I’ll start with the ugly.

This is Schwarzenegger’s former mistress Mildred ‘Patty’ Baena. Excuse me for my candor, but how does a man cheat on Maria Shriver for this? Yes I can be rude when talking about Baena, because she is just as much to blame for this scandal. Sorry, but on the attractive meter, Baena is pulling about a 5 or 6. For those of you thinking she probably was a 10 ‘back in the day,’ I’ll show you ‘back in the day (thanks to TMZ).’

Yup she’s still a 5 or 6!!! Of course the mistress’ looks are the least of concerns in all this infidelity mess, but it does make you think “Why her?” Schwarzenegger chose to betray the beautiful, smart, supportive, and strong wife, for the less-than attractive and dishonest housekeeper. Dishonest because not only did she have an affair with her employer’s husband, but at the time of the affair she was also married. What was Schwarzenegger thinking?

The above question can be asked on all levels of this scandal. What was he thinking to have an affair with an employee? What was he thinking when his wife and mistress were pregnant at the same time? (Oh yeah Shriver and Schwarzenegger’s youngest child is only a month apart in age from his son with Baena.) What was he thinking to take such a risk and run for Governor of California, knowing his secret could potentially be exposed? Ahhh it’s the bad and the stupid. Schwarzenegger didn’t always present himself as the smartest crayon in the box, and this latest flop only confirms his stupidity. Cheating is a low point in any relationship, but to cheat with someone whom she trusted and probably considered a part of the family to some extent (Baena did work for them for twenty years), is the lowest of the low. In this situation I wouldn’t know what hurts more. The fact that her husband cheated, or that he cheated with an employee and in their home, or finally that he had a son with his mistress whom he supported, yet kept a secret for fourteen years. Oh yeah, she could also be hurt that he had the balls to run for office risking his secret being exposed, AND knowing that she was his main support system and cheerleader throughout his political journey. Schwarzenegger surpasses the dumb cheater I talked about in the previous post Case of the Dumb Cheater. Power is a hell of a drug, and that is the only explanation I can think of for Schwarzenegger’s actions. He’s left with the money and power, but he gets no respect!



  1. I don’t get it either because Maria is hot to me at least lol. I don’t condone cheating but if you going to cheat please cheat up not down. At any rate I guess Arnold got what he wanted in the end. He had an 8 year run as governor scandal free. I guess Kanye is right. No one man should have all that power.

    1. I totally agree Stevie! I always assumed that when men cheat, especially, it’s about cheating with someone that’s an upgrade. Apparently that’s far from the truth in this case.

      Also, I wonder what kept this woman quiet for so long. She had opportunity to expose Schwarzenegger, yet for all these years she remained quiet. Either her conscious got the best of her and she didn’t want to hurt Shriver and her children, or Schwarzenegger was paying her off big time!

      Ahhh the mysteries of fame, LoL

  2. Man, that Baena women is so ugly that if a gun was put to my head and I was told “do it or else”, I’d have to help pull the trigger. Arnold must have gone insane.

    1. LOL!!! Ralf I think Arnold was buggin’ too!

      In his commentary, Duece Duece said it’s a man’s fantasy to have sex with the housekeeper, no matter what she looks like. Similar to everything else in dating, I guess it depends on the man. Some men will do any woman no matter what, and others only go for the upgrade. It’s all a game lol.

  3. Majority of the time when men cheat the woman is not attractive, I have asked guy friends why, they say because with these woman they have no respect, they can do all the crazy things with them that they dare wouldn’t think of doing to their relationship partner, one friend said he only gets oral sex on the side, after he and his wife had children he did not want to do that to her knowing she kisses their kids everynight, my feeling is if you can’t openly communicate with your partner what you want, then while you are in the relationship you have to live without it

    1. Your absolutely right. There apparently is a science to men cheating that I will probably never understand.

      Your last statement is so true, “If you can’t openly communicate with your partner what you want, then while you are in the relationship you have to live without it.” Unfortunately some men will attempt to get what they want one way or another. Similar to Schwarzenegger, all that greed will eventually come back to bite them in the ass lol.

  4. I am from Germany, however Austria is our neighbour. So, I’m ashamed somewhat how Schwarzenegger had behaved. Right now I have read that there is no marriage contract. The separation and divorce provides to Maria Shriver big money. In truth, she’s got more than enough of it.

    1. You’re right, without a pre-nup Maria stands to get a lot of money. She just filed for divorce this past Friday, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Either way it’s a sad situation, especially for the children.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  5. Your article was very well written, but you were OVERLY kind in saying the Ms. Baena was ever a 5 or a 6. Even after a 6 month stint at sea and a dozen beers I could never her rate her (at any age) over a 2.

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