When a Woman Snaps!!

What would possess a woman to take a folding chair & break the windows of her boyfriend’s car? Ohhh right, anger, obsession, and a lot of stupidity. Men are guilty of acts of vandalism just the same, but in this post I’m talking about the ladies. If you’ve ever watched Snapped on Oxygen network (one of my guilty pleasures), you’re familiar with the women who literally “snap,” and murder their husbands or boyfriends. Some women plan their attack and others just have a moment of rage, however their motives are the same – to hurt him! Latonya Dawson (the woman in the video) obviously wanted to hurt her boyfriend bc she went after what’s probably his most prized possession. However, similar to the women on Snapped, Miss Dawson only hurt herself. She’s been charged with Malicious Destruction of Personal Property and Domestic Violence. Oh yeah girl, you got him good! (in my most sarcastic voice)

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to vandalize their mate’s property! It’s equivalent to domestic violence – first it’s violence towards an object, next it’s violence towards the person. A woman who reaches such a high level of anger to destroy property, is a woman that doesn’t love herself. She doesn’t love herself because she placed so much value on a man, that his betrayal sent her over the edge. She doesn’t love herself because she jeopardized her future for the sake of what was probably twenty minutes of rage. Was it worth it? Hell No! As quickly as a woman can destroy property, a man can just as quickly press charges. In the case of Ms. Dawson, even if her boyfriend chose not to press charges, the state would have undoubtedly pressed charges anyway. So while Ms. Dawson is wrapped up in court hearings, fines, and possible jail time, her boyfriend is chillin! As a matter of fact, he’s probably chillin with the chick she caught him cheating with! Haha!

Ladies please take my advice. If you ever get to a point of anger where you throw things and destroy property, take a step back and evaluate yourself! Your man doesn’t cause you to act out, you cause the drama. 9/10 times acts of vandalism towards a mate occurs because of cheating accusations. So what if your man is cheating? What are you gonna do? Bash his car, bleach his clothes, light his sneakers on fire? These actions won’t do anything except make things worse for YOU! If he’s smart he’ll leave your crazy ass, and you’ll be faced with legal troubles. If he’s stupid enough to stay, then you’ll go through your “I’m sorry, let’s talk about it” phase (along with possible legal troubles), and most likely he’ll go right back to cheating on your ass. Either way, you look like the fool and you’re the one paying the price for your moment of anger. The outcome isn’t worth it, but your sanity and your future is worth everything!



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