Case of the Dumb Cheater

Who would save a picture of their naked ex-girlfriend as their cell phone background picture? Who would then leave the cell phone open for their girlfriend to see the naked picture? For fun, let’s assume the phone wasn’t left open and the girlfriend went through his phone. My question still is, who would leave their phone exposed if they know their girlfriend wouldn’t like the content on the phone? Who would do that? MEN!!! Men are the dumbest cheaters ever! Yes I said it and I’ll say it again! Men are the dumbest cheaters ever!! It baffles me how men get caught cheating. Sometimes women don’t have to investigate because men often say or do things to tell on themselves. I don’t condone cheating at all, but if you’re going to cheat the least you can do is be smart and use common sense – if you don’t want to get caught. The purpose of cheating is simple: to have your cake and eat too. It’s about maintaining your relationship, while mingling with a “side piece.” Men have a problem maintaining their relationship because they cheat sloppy and eventually get caught.

Years ago I dated a promoter named Tony (hence why I don’t date Studio-Dudes), and he invited me to a showcase he organized. The showcase was at a less than favorable club, so I initially didn’t plan to attend. The day of the showcase he called to express how much he wanted me to support him and he arranged a VIP area so I would be comfortable. Despite my apprehension I went to support him. As I walked toward the VIP area he arranged, I saw him laughing, flirting, and whispering in the ear of another woman. I walked closer to VIP and he looked up in shock while abruptly removing his hand from the woman’s thigh. I cursed his ass out, left the club, and the relationship was over! I didn’t understand why he’d invite me to the showcase if he knew his “side piece” was going to be there, especially since I hadn’t planned to go. He obviously hadn’t heard the expression “Don’t bring sand to the beach.” His lack of intelligence annoyed me! I could respect his actions if he was the type that just didn’t give a damn, but he acted so surprised when he saw me that night. I didn’t know if he forgot he invited me or what, but either way he was a dumb cheater!

My ex Ricardo was even dumber because we worked together at a clothing store and he did a lot of his flirting at work. He was particularly friendly to one customer that would often come to the store to say “hello.” One of my coworkers mentioned her name was Aniya and it became gossip that Ricardo was cheating with her. Of course I made a mental note of the name and I put Ricardo on high alert. I figured he was cheating with Aniya, but I didn’t have proof so I didn’t confront him…yet. We were on our way to the mall when he rode through a block, pointed at a house, and said “that’s where Aniya lives.” He was so dumb! He might as well have pulled over, rang her doorbell, and formally introduced us. “Hi Aniya this is my girlfriend Rasia. Rasia this is Aniya, the chick I’m fuckin.” Telling me where the woman lived only confirmed that he’s been there before and yes they are fuckin. Please excuse my vulgarity, but I was obviously upset. I don’t know if I was more upset by the cheating or his stupidity.

Men should take a few lessons from women because we are the masters at cheating. Personally I am not a master at cheating, because I am not a cheater…anymore. I cheated twice in my life, and I don’t think that qualifies me as an expert. Besides my cheating was the result of dinner and intimate conversations with another man. I’m a guilty cheater, so in my two experiences I eventually told my mates before they found out. Therefore, I can’t give a how-to-guide on how to cheat, nor would I want to do so. I just want men to realize women have an intuition like no other! A woman’s intuition has a sight, a taste, and a smell so strong we amaze ourselves sometimes. Obviously the smartest way to cheat is to not cheat at all, but apparently that hasn’t been the norm for years. So men take a tip from the mob; cover your tracks and don’t use real names!

—-Duece Sense gives his 2 cents—-

There are no arguments here men are just stupid, and I am ashamed for my kind. One of my boy’s recently got caught and he is now single and distraught. I don’t what bothers me more, the way he got caught or the fact that he’s distraught about it. Cheating Do no.1: if you’re going to cheat, know the consequences and be cool with it. You got caught, you lost 2, now move on to the next. It’s the game you chose to play. The way he got caught was the classic spotted in public with the side piece. Then when confronted, he pulled his main to the side and told her the side piece was his cousin. SMH! First of all if you’re going to use this excuse the side piece should be well aware of the role she’s playing and have the script ready in hand; not shocked. You make the situation worse with these dumb excuses. Not only are you disloyal, but now you’re challenging her intelligence. Second, take the side piece to a side location. Duh! I have no problem giving a how-to-guide. I may even start a business consulting on the topic, so here’s a free top 5 (contact me if you want consultation).

#howtocheat Date girls with the same name, that way if you slip and yell out a different chicks name, she won’t know. Trust me you can find a few Nicole’s, Toya’s, Jessica’s, and in the call log it just shows the name.

#howtocheat DON’T ever use your cell phone to make side chick calls…use the one pay phone left in the city.

#howtocheat Use cash transactions only

#howtocheat Never bring back the side chick to your place when your girl has a key, but if you must, show the side chick the escape plan and keep a baby monitor by the elevator.

#howtocheat Switch your style up with the side chick. If you’re normally the Preppy type, where Rock clothing with the side chick. It will make it harder to spot you and easier to deny.



  1. I agree with this post completely and I also have a tip for “the careless cheater.” If you’re the type of person that likes to send “personal” pictures, text messages or emails send them to one person at a time, because when you put all receiving parties on the same message they can see who you sent it to…. DUMMY. If you’re gonna be a player know a thing or two about technology 🙂

    1. LMAO!! That is so dumb to send a mass text. Some things are just common sense, but some men are either lack common sense or are too lazy to use it. The latter is probably more true, lol.

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