The Cornball Syndrome

Here we go ya’ll, I have to do it! I have to talk about the Cornball Syndrome. The Cornball Syndrome is an epidemic that affects a number of men and women around the country. I will give a detailed description of this syndrome, but I want to warn you that I will be extremely materialistic in this post. For those of you who believe in solely judging the heart and personality of a person, this may not be for you (LoL). The Cornball Syndrome is a sickness where men and women wear the most absurd outfits on dates (and sometimes anywhere). Unfortunately those affected by this syndrome are completely unaware that they look a hot ass mess!  The tricky thing about this sickness is that it’s not isolated to single men and women, but it can sneak up on someone who’s been in a relationship for years. Your mate may be fashionable or at least decent for a number of years, and then BAM! it all goes to hell! LoL! I’m joking a little, but the Cornball Syndrome is definitely no laughing matter. I am here to help those who are actively dating and suffer from this illness. Allow me to explain.

I previously dated a man who didn’t have a clue that he was a suffering cornball (poor thing). He wore pants that were obviously too small and aged. Years ago the pants were probably a lot longer, but for whatever reason he thought he could pull it off. The pants weren’t horrible enough for me to give up on him…yet. He was the type to wear the high-calf tube socks with shorts that were a little too high above the knee. I gave up when on the third date he wore a shirt with glitter on it. That was the last straw! He was a very nice guy, but he couldn’t dress worth a damn! Of course there were other factors as to why things didn’t work out, but I’d be lying to myself if I said his clothing wasn’t a big part of the reason. I sound vein don’t I? I know I do, but I honestly don’t care. Anyone who denies that physical attraction is not important, is lying to themselves! I’m not talking about name-brands and wearing the latest trends. I am however, talking about a person being able to put an outfit together (it doesn’t have to be fancy), and dressing their age for a date.

I’ve asked myself if I’m being too picky by not giving cornballs a chance. Am I missing out on a good man? Maybe I am limiting my options, but I have to be attracted to the person I am dating. My few dates with the glitter shirt cornball taught me just how difficult it is to look past the outer appearance and completely focus on personality and character. I know what I like, and I know what I absolutely can’t tolerate. It’s hard for me to change my mind when I reach the point of I absolutely can’t tolerate it. Dressing for a date is simple, so it annoys me when a man can’t get it right. A few friends suggested I give him a few fashion pointers, but there’s a big difference between suggesting a few key items to enhance his wardrobe, and suggesting he throw out his entire wardrobe. Please don’t think I’m cruel; I’m just being honest. It’s great if he has his own style, but it sucks if he has no style at all! It’s the result of the Cornball Syndrome. Here are a few examples in the order from bad to worse…

Okay not horrible, but the shirt can be a few sizes larger!

Really??? You might as well wear a belly bag because this is just as bad!

Not a fan of the skinny jeans!

This one I can’t stress enough. If you are over 25 especially, there is no reason why you should wear any clothing with cartoon characters or cereal brands on it…on a date or at all!!!!!

The absolute worst is the over-sized white tee!!!
(The over-sized chain, cocked cap, and do-rag doesn’t work for me either!)

No maybe this is the worst…I just don’t get it!

All of these examples are not complete deal-breakers, i.e the small shirt, skinny jeans (depending on how skinny), or the cell-phone belt, but the others I absolutely can’t tolerate. I’m interested to see what men find unattractive and fashionably intolerable. Some women think men will date any woman with a big butt and breasts, but I like to give men more credit than that. It’d be nice to get some pics of what men consider cornball women because the syndrome is not gender biased. Honesty is the cure for this illness, so be sure to tell your friends or family if they’re a cornball. LoL!!



  1. Oh man I can’t wait to find some pics for these cornball females, ima have to search for some sites cuz I was about to just pull out my phone and send some pics of ppl I know but that would be wrong. I hate the uggs on any day above 50 degrees or the uggs and tights (you look like Peter pan, and a grown flying lil boy who plays with other boys is the last thing I want to be reminded of when looking at a female). The pajama pants it’s really getting bad…to the laundry or trash room maybe, but outside of that r u serious. And finally the designer bag the end all and be all of the outfit, they have the new LV or the DB or the Fendi bag and think that’s it and the rest of the outfit is just no bueno, plz I would much rather prefer ur other items be up to par or just be naked and rock the bag

    1. Deuce I totally agree! Some women just don’t know how to wear Uggs properly. It’s confuses me when women wear mini-skirts with a pair of uggs. I just don’t get it, are you hot or cold? Lmao @the designer with a bad outfit! Please do upload pics because women can be just as corny, but I’m glad you’re not going to use the ones from your phone…then you and I will get hate mail LoL

  2. Wow ! I definitely got a good laugh from this post ! What about when it comes to hair ? I’m not too fond of men with pony tails especially when they have a relaxer ! Ugggh the worst ! or when you have more jewelry on than me ! By a certain age, I think it’s time to be done with corn rows too. The bright and flashy church zoot suits ! You’ve seen them ! Bright blue, red, and purple ! Yeah @Duece needs to find some pics because I definitely know what he’s talking about !

    1. Oh yes I totally agree. The Cornball Syndrome applies to hair too! What the cornrows with a receding hair line? What is he holding on to? If the clothes and hair are corny, then for me I’d rule him out! LoL

  3. Ha haaaaaaaa
    Yeah I’m wit ya lol

    I don’t care wat no one says
    U will never go 2 a girl and say hey u have a beatiful mind cause u don’t know a damn thing about it lol

    Physical attraction is the 1st attraction so 2 act as if its not significant is asinine lol lol

    How u present urself usually determines how u feel about urself and ur self worth
    Look good smell good feel good
    Live life dress nice love life 😉 lol

    1. I kinda agree… she says this “illness” can be cured with honesty though. It’s too bad she doesnt think of this policy for the guys that she “strings along”, as mentioned in another article.

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