No Studio-Dudes Please!!

What’ s a studio-dude? A studio-dude is an up-and-coming rapper/singer, producer, or hype-man. I call them studio-dudes because they spend most of their time in the studio preparing for their breakthrough hit. I have zero interest in a studio-dude and as soon as I hear, “I’ve been in the studio,” I immediately retreat! No thank you, I’m not interested, it was nice meeting you, gotta go! I don’t discredit anyone’s career or goals, but I don’t particularly like to date studio-dudes or entertainers. I define an entertainer as a famous rapper, singer, hype-man, producer, professional sports player, club promoter, DJ, and actor. I feel like I missed a few, but you get my point. Any one of these careers are a deal breaker for me. What’s even worse are the men who name-drop. For example, “I’ve been in the studio with DJ Drama and we bout to make it happen.” Really? Name dropping is a huge turn off for me because I don’t care! (Hmm I guess there is a dating don’t in here: Don’t name drop for the sake of proving your status in the industry.) My panties aren’t dropping for that nonsense! I strongly prefer not to date entertainers because of the baggage that follows them. Rumors, paternity tests, fame, travel, fluctuating schedule, arrogance, drama, limited “us” time, and most importantly infidelity. Yes the big ‘c’ word, cheating, is a big reason why I won’t date an entertainer. I understand cheating is not solely limited to entertainers, but the temptations are ten times higher for them.

A woman dating a studio-dude/entertainer must enter the relationship with a preconception that cheating will be an issue. Entertainers are in a career that welcomes money and groupies. Money + Groupies =  Trouble Trouble (in my Bernie Mac voice lol). Studio-dudes have their groupies too, who love “hanging out” in the studio or the club. Some women might disagree and think the level of trust with an average Joe, should be the same for a studio-dude/entertainer. That’s a good theory for the mind, but in reality it’s stupid. It’s the groupies you can’t trust, and it’s the power and freedom of the studio dudes/entertainer’s career that allows the opportunity for infidelity. Have you ever seen a groupie in action?!?! OMG! A groupie is the equivalent of a horny dog, and just in case you’ve never seen a horny dog, it humps everything!! An example of this (not the horny dog part) is best described by a clip from VH1’s Basketball Wives. I don’t particularly like the show because it’s annoying that 35+ year old mothers argue about trivial things. (I do like Real Housewives of Atlanta though…go figure, lol.) Anyway here’s the clip of the episode in question (just in case you missed it) and you’ll have a better understanding of why I think infidelity is a preconceived notion when dating an entertainer.

I’m not going to delve too much into the episode, but I thinks it’s clear that Evelyn was and still is a groupie. In Tammi and Kenny Anderson’s (a former NBA player) marriage, Evelyn was the groupie Tammi had to watch out for, and that’s just one. Kenny was to blame as well because he was married to Tammi, but like I said before, cheating comes with the territory. Does that make it right? Of course not, but a woman should not act blind to the reality of the risks. Ironically, Evelyn is now the one who has to watch out for the groupies since her engagement to Chad Ochocinco. (Payback  is a bitch! Lol!) The mansion, luxury cars, travel to exotic places, and money is great, but expect that he’s probably also offering that to someone else on the side. And for the studio dudes, expect that he may have a groupie at the studio or expect her name to be on the VIP list at the club. 😀 In the past year alone we’ve heard so many headlines about entertainer’s infidelity, Tiger Woods, Tony Parker, and Tiki Barber to name a few. The entertainment industry welcomes a certain lifestyle I have no interest in being a part of. I think I’ll cut my losses and avoid dating a studio-dude because he might become the next Swizz Beatz or Snoop Dogg, and we all know about their drama-filled relationships.



  1. Hmm I don’t really know exactly how I feel about this article,I have entered into a running inside joke a w/ some of my female friends about the studio-dude…or the “I make beats” is what we play on and they feel the same way but your article took a different course than what I expected. See I think my friends issue is more towards the person who is into studio but it’s not paying te bills. Their against what appears to be a lack of aspiration to maintain a job and not leave at home etc. You on the other hand went a different route and are against more of the lifestyle which is understable because even as a geek w/ a variable travel lifestyle I find it hard to get into serious relationships because of it. I am also torn because I too am an aspiring entertainer and find it a lil disconcerting that women have a problem with it, even though my friends are ok with my aspirations I feel it’s more of a bias to me

    1. Yes I addressed a different issue with the studio-dude regarding their lifestyle as a whole, rather than the no job, living at home, spending all their time in the studio, studio-dude. (That was a mouthful lol.) There’s a lifestyle adjustment that comes with it, and I thought it was interesting to discuss that aspect of the subject. It’s all about preference though. Some women can handle dating men in the industry, but there are some women like myself, who have no interest in these men at all. Since you’re an aspiring entertainer, you will get rejected from women based on your career, but you’ll be fine because there are plenty of women who will accept your career and your lifestyle. You won’t have a problem finding a woman, but you’ll have to filter out the groupies to get a good woman. I just wanted to address the issue that the industry does make it easy for infidelity to be a part of the relationship, and women who accept studio-dudes or entertainers have to accept the risks that come along with the lifestyle. That’s not to say that there are faithful entertainers, however the temptations are much higher for an entertainer and women have to be metally prepared for the worse case scenario.

  2. I agree again! Cheating and groupies come with the territory. Anyone who doesnt think so is definitely in denial.
    Good article!

  3. Whether a studio dude, a celebrity, or Lil’ Pookie (from round da corna), it’s human nature. There are very few men that will turn down a chick that is making herself maybe a little too available. Yes, Lil Pookie too is getting it thrown at him. Basically, a HOE is a HOE is a HOE. Nice artical! 🙂

    1. LOL Lil Pookie from around the corna…priceless! You mention “there are very few men that will turn down a chick that is making herself maybe a little too available.” This is interesting because in a future post I will comment on a video that was recently released regarding the power of a woman’s “box” or va-jay-jay. Will a man really pounce on “the box” just because it’s available? Hmmm stay tuned for a future post about this topic. You got me thinking! 🙂

      1. Oh lordy shes thinking… lol! Don’t fret I can give you that answer to that question… Hell yeah they will pounce on it like Tigger, but that’s our (women) fault because we make it too easy for them. Looking forward to that article 🙂

  4. Okay, so why does the picture remind me of Malik from The Game ? LOL ! This post really made me think about men and human nature as it relates to monogamy. I think it takes a certain kind of woman to understand the “celebrity life style” especially if she isn’t a part of the Hollywood World. Granted, my grandmother always said that people no matter who they are and how much money they make are “JUST MEAT !” If you can’t handle being with a man or a woman that is well known throughout the world then there’s no reason to put yourself under that kind of pressure and paranoia. This all boils down to an issue of T.R.U.S.T.
    The Will Smith that works a regular 9-5 may not have flocks of women throwing their panties and bras at him like the famous one but trust and believe there’s some woman that has her eye on him. By human nature he may be tempted to cheat on his wife or girlfriend. However, until he changes his nature and learns the difference between being a “man” versus acting out on your “male instincts” then there’s a high probability that he might cheat. When you change your nature your conduct will follow suit. A dog is still a dog, you just have to domesticate him ! LoL ! The same goes for celebrities. Do you get to play by a different set of rules because of your occupation ? That might be another topic !

    1. I absolutely agree with you…to a certain extent. I agree that men will cheat regardless of their profession. The Will Smith that works a 9-5 can cheat the same as Will Smith the actor, however there’s one major difference between these two men. Power! Power is a beast and men with power have a lot more temptations to deal with then the average Joe. Yes trust is essential, but I think it’s unrealistic for a woman to enter into a relationship with a celebrity without her understanding that infidelity may be a problem. Also, I can’t imagine that infidelity wouldn’t cross her mind, considering the cheating scandals past and present. I’m sure there are celebrities that are faithful, but I think there’s a level of maturity they have and they’ve humbled themselves (which means they’ve done their dirt and now they’ve matured). I think that ties into what you mentioned about the difference between being a “man” versus acting out on “male instincts.” Totally agree!

  5. I can so hear you saying all of this! Which makes it so authentic, because it’s SO you! But anyway, one of the things that stood out the most is the fact that you mentioned NAME DROPPING! I hate that. It’s like you are seeking “approval” or you think you’re “official” by name dropping. Again, I hate that! But I do agree with you, a man is going to cheat if he wants — but this type industry makes him more prone to doing so. Sad, but true. And to make it worse, if you’ve been getting ready to ‘drop your album’ since 2004, and you’ve been no further than your local club, or Alabama’s bike show — then you may want to find a trade. Nothing worse than a dude stuck on a mishap….

    1. Yes name dropping is lame and men think women are impressed by it -WRONG! Lol. Well at least a certain type of woman is not impressed. I totally agree that some studio-dudes take their dream too far by being unemployed and spending all of their time in the studio. They should keep their day job and be realistic about their aspirations. A damn shame!

  6. First off…. just because a dude is in the studio or the entertainment industry does not mean he is going to cheat or he is more likely to cheat…. NO NO NO, don’t blame the profession, blame the dude. The characteristics of the man determines whether he will cheat or not regardless of what he does.

    Second …… Name dropping is wack but if I was a Janitor and I said my homeboys were Mr. Clean and The Ty-D Bol Man…. you cant tell me that you wouldn’t think I was FLY !!! LOL

  7. I agree Conscious Cause I Said So (i’ll call you CCISS lol), but I think it’s unrealistic for a woman to enter a relationship with a studio-dude or any entertainer without being prepared for an infidelity problem. Believe me no matter how much trust a woman has for their industry mate, the idea of cheating has crossed their mind more than 10 times. It may not necessarily be that they don’t trust their mate, but like I mentioned before, they don’t trust the groupies. I’m sure there are plenty of industry men that are faithful to their wives or girlfriends, however we have to be real with ourselves that the temptations are far greater in the industry. It’s about money and power, and women have to mentally prepare themselves for the worst.

    Let’s also look at this from the other side of the fence. A man dating an A-list singer is going to think about the possibility of infidelity. Often you hear men say, it’s not the woman I don’t trust, it’s the men I don’t trust…well it’s the same thing if a man were dating a “studio-chick.” Some professions invite a change in lifestyle, and sometimes a change in lifestyle invites drama.

    And in regards to name dropping as a Janitor, all I can say is you are hilarious!!! LOL!

  8. I feel u and overstand where u coming from
    Name dropping is the worst cause I could care less about u knowing wacka flacka
    Shit I think the sponge bob is wack lol

    But I must admit I do write R&B and hip hop and go 2 the studio from time to time but nothing I talk about 2 get cool points
    Cool already lol

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