Mobile Dating?

(Originally posted November 11, 2010)

So I’ll be honest with you…I haven’t been dating recently (within the last two months), but during my nights out with friends I’ve been a spectator of various dates. (I notice everything!) So recently I went to dinner with a few friends and the couple sitting diagonal to our table caught my attention immediately. Their body language told me it was their first or second date, and their lack of conversation told me even more. Clue #1: Both of them had their elbows on the table with cell phones in hand and they were texting so fast you would’ve thought they were racing each other for who could text the fastest. It was absolutely ridiculous! Clue #2: They looked at the menu, the waitress came and left and not 1 word to each other, but they were holding on TIGHT to their cell phones. Really? Clue #3: When the guy took a moment to look up from his phone, he was busy looking at me! I was looking good that night…or maybe it was because I was being nosy LOL.

The point is that I know we’re living in a technologically advanced world (and most of us would probably go CRAZY without our cell phones), but it’s only proper to put the cell phone away when you’re on a date. It is so rude to receive texts and send texts during an intimate setting. And please put your phone on vibrate! I remember hearing an R. Kelly ringtone on a date, which made it very clear that he was involved with someone he wanted to “Bump and Grind.” Furthermore, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT answer your phone unless it’s an absolute emergency. And ladies I know we send codes to each other when we’re on a date, but be discreet about it. Send a quick text to your friend “He’s cool,” “Not feeling him,” or “Douche Bag,” rather than have a complete text conversation. Put your phone away as soon as you send the quick text because depending on what you said to your friend, you don’t want to see your friend’s amusing response.

Mobile dating is a big no no! Of course it happens that you may discover a mismatch with your date, but you still have to get through the date. And the best way to get through it is to show respect and casually talk, rather than give all of your conversation to the person on your phone. I’m just sayin…


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